"We create and share unforgettable
experiences in harmony with the environment."

Swim Adventure:

Enjoy a series of activities that will make you live an unforgettable experience. A Dolphin will welcome you with a kiss and a handshake, followed by a couple of rides on a boogie board and then on its tummy. Take advantage of free time to play and interact with your new friend, get your goggles and enter the underwater world. Admire your friend ́s turns and speed with which he ́ll show you its incredible agility. You will have to see it!

Dolphin Royal Swim

This is undoubtedly the best interactive Dolphin program, that can be described with the words "excitement" and "action"! Two Dolphins welcome you with a warm handshake and a gentle kiss; later, they invite you to take a walk holding its fins. The most exciting moment of this program is the foot-push when you feel the strength of your new friends propelling you on the water, using the soles of your feet. This, for sure, will be The Experience of Your Lifetime!

Dolphin Encounter

Discover the best kept secrets of Dolphins in a safe and fun-filled environment and initiate an amazing friendship with these mammals. You will be surprised with the intelligence and friendliness these wonderful marine mammals possess. This program is ideal for children... of all ages.

Sea Lions and Manatees

In Dolphin Discovery we also have friendly sea lions and manatees under our care. Habitats​ like Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Puerto Aventuras, are the home of these magnificent species.This makes Dolphin Discovery​ the only company where you can interact with three wonderful marine mammals. Thanks to our Miracle program, there have been to this date, 12 sea lions and 6 manatees births under Dolphin Discovery's care.

Every Day
2-3 Hours
Meeting point:
Punta Cana Hotel Lobby
20 to 30 people