Buggies Punta Cana

Climb the adventure of the magnificent Boggies Punta Cana, where you can move along extensive trails in an authentic and wild 4×4 vehicle or an all-terrain Polaris. Suitable for all kinds of obstacles, puddles, hills and long white sandy beach paths.

Every Day


Meeting point:
Punta Cana Hotel Lobby

20 to 30 people

Punta Cana Boggies

Drive your Buggies through the most difficult roads in the area. These Buggies are designed to withstand all kinds of obstacles and hills, more than anything facilitating the proper handling of the vehicle. Therefore you only need to be full of guts when driving, and become the owner of the road. A whole journey that you can not miss!

Boggies Punta Cana Route

In the first place we will see the exotic Macao Beach. We will also visit a ranch where they make handmade coffee, cocoa and Dominican tobacco. We will also dive into the historic cave of fresh and crystalline waters of Macao beach.

Macao Beach, the jewel of the Caribbean

Perfect place to get into the warm waters of the Caribbean, take a refreshing bath and lie in a comfortable chair under a palm tree. Finally let the sound of the sea seduce you, while enjoying a refreshing drink.

The Creole house

It is one of the most interesting stops of this excursion Boggies Punta Cana, in this Creole house you will discover how cocoa, coffee and tobacco are manufactured. In addition, the recognized mamajuana (an aphrodisiac Dominican drink).

Here you will learn each of the processes that are needed for the preparation of these local products being the most sought after and popular in the Dominican Republic.

Finally, in addition to knowing the process and the elaboration, you will taste of each of these delicious products what you can buy as a souvenir of the trip.


  • Round trip transfers to the hotel.
  • Buggy tour.
  • Stops at Macao beach.
  • Stop at a typical coffee ranch.
  • Visit to the Taino Cave (Cenote).
  • Accident insurance included.

Regular Boggies

Adult $45
Family $150
Single $65
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Polaris Boggies

Adult $60
Family $200
Single $105
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Four Wheels (ATM)

Adult $45
Single $65
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